Filagra is recommended a most powerful drug for men suffering from ED. It is generally suitable for all men under any medical condition, even if it is diabetes or high blood pressure. The drug is 100% safe to use. A potential oral medication to treat ED in men. Filagra promises guaranteed results without any chances of failures. However, to make it the best treatment, it is suggested that you read the precautions and safety info before starting with the treatment.


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Avoid consuming any form of Filagra if you take nitrates, iso-sorbides or any other recreational drugs to deal with chest pain or heart problem. Combination of Filagra with these drugs may lead to sudden fall in blood pressure, dizziness or stroke.

Do not take Sildenafil Citrate if you are suffering from any kidney or liver disease.

Men having a recent history of heart attack, stroke or palpitation should avoid drugs like Filagra.The medication can be consumed under medical supervision.

If you are under any medical observation for any serious ailment like HIV, consult your medical practitioner before starting with any of the sexual enhancement treatments.

  • The condition range amongst the most commonly observed sexual disorder and Is not healthy to engage in sexual intercourse.

  • Filagra and any of its forms should not be consumed without proper medical assistance if you are planning for a baby. This is specifically applicable for women consuming Filagra Pink regularly.




  • In case of sudden loss of vision after using Filagra, stop using the drug and take immediate medical help.
  • If you find any symptom of priapism then take immediate medical assistance to get it cured within time. Priapism is the case when erection lasts longer than four hours in the absence of stimulation. This is a very serious condition and should be treated immediately.


Observance of symptoms of nausea, chest pain, fainting, dizziness, palpitation or tickling feeling in chest while involved in sex can be worked out with complete medical assistance.

Some patients using Filagra as a sexual enhancer experience side effects of loss of hearing; this can be treated under proper medical assistance.

  • Upset stomach, face flushing, rashes on skin, nasal congestion, bluish vision, headache etc can be experienced for a brief period which is very common and nothing to worry about. But if these conditions persist for a longer period and if it's getting severe then please seek medical help.





  • Filagra is recommended for men facing troubles of Erectile Dysfunction. The medicine is safe to consume only once within 24 hours.
  • It is effective only in presence of complete sexual arousal. The erection attained is very natural and will diffuse once the sexual act is complete.
  • Filagra promotes a healthy sexual performance, and the results of harder erection last upon four hours after taking the drug; it is recommended that the person should take the pill atleast 30 minutes before engaging in sexual intercourse.
  • Try to go low on high fat diet when you have premeditated to take Filagra. The basic active agent Sildenafil works better and faster when the fat content in the blood is lows.


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