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Erectile Dysfunction can be easily worked out with the help of quality ED drugs, However, there is also a wide range of other ED treatments which work best in treating impotence from the roots.


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Erectile Dysfunction and Age:

The risk of developing Erectile Dysfunction generally increases with age. But with the changing lifestyle and routine, a wide range of men experience these sensual troubles at a very early age in their life.

  • As per the clinical statistics, around 50 % of men from the age group of 40 and 70 report of having erectile problems.
  • About 15 percent of men experience sexual dysfunction in their 40s. Even though most of them go through moderate erection problems but the chances of them turning in to ED are higher. Similarly, the figures double up to 30 percent in men at their 70s.

Erectile Dysfunction and Health Conditions:

  • Diabetes, a very commonly observed blood vessel disorder which completely changes the human anatomy. About half of men with sugar problems experience some form of sexual dysfunction. Many men facing erectile troubles are somewhere linked to being diabetics.
  • High blood pressure, another blood vessel problem resulting in improving sexual troubles in men
  • High cholesterol and the risks of heart attacks has now become the major concern for every person. Compared to women, men are at increased risks as far as cholesterol issues are concerned. Increased cholesterol levels also contribute in making a man sexually impotent.


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